The how-to guide to build a YouTube channel, make videos for your website and use the power of video to increase your business's potential!

More savvy entrepreneurs and business owners these days create a YouTube channel where they post videos highlighting their products or services. They're finding YouTube marketing is a great way to expand connections with their current customers and develop relationships with new customers as well.

For example . . .

  • What if you're a salon owner and want to keep on your clients' radar in-between haircuts? Why not create a YouTube channel and post a few how-to videos with great styling tips?
  • Or maybe you run an online business selling your handmade jewelry? Photos are great, but a short film highlighting the beauty and quality of your one-of-a-kind pieces is even better!
  • What if you offer a service -- for example, personal coaching? You could make a YouTube channel with videos showing you in action during coaching sessions. This would go a long way to demonstrate your expertise! You might even be able to take these same videos and broadcast them for free (or low cost) on your local public access television station.

Make Videos With Tools Anyone Can Use!

Lucky for you, video production is easier than ever with the new tools now available. You don't need a team of pricey Mad Men to come up with a great campaign showcasing your company's products and services. The "do-it-yourself" era of video making is here!

Groovy Videos focuses on budget-friendly:

Our goal is to help you make videos that will keep your audience engaged and delighted to spend more time exploring your website's offerings. We give you tips on how to script your taping, what to do pre-production, during production and post production.

Build a YouTube Channel and Earn Money!

We show you how to create a YouTube account, create a YouTube channel and implement the new YouTube One Channel design. We dive right in with articles like YouTube Partner Program: How to Earn Money From Your Videos!

Yes, you read right -- ordinary folks are monetizing their channels and earning money from short films they create themselves! How are they doing it and is this for you? We'll investigate this and do reviews of videos we feel hit the bull's-eye so you can learn from them. We'll discuss other ways you can make money with video, such as video contests.

Isn't it time you figured out how to broadcast yourself and your business? Like we said, you don't need a film school degree or a blockbuster budget to master these simple (and yes, fun!) techniques.

Beginners Welcomed!

We at Groovy Videos understand it can feel daunting learning a new skill, especially if you're already stretched trying to run your business and carve a niche for yourself in a competitive marketplace. We believe the best way for you to learn about video as a marketing tool is in an informal, friendly environment. Hence, our motto: "Lights, camera, action, FUN!"

That's why we document how we make videos so you can learn from our triumphs and mistakes. Join us as we set up our YouTube channel and open up the advertising stream. Will we be a hit or go down in flames? Tune in and find out!

We encourage you to join us and share your own tips and techniques on how to make videos. Tell us how your mini-vids helped you connect with customers and grow your business. Offer others encouragement and advice or post  questions when you need a helping hand from the group.

Finally, all this leads us to one last point, the question you've probably been puzzling over . . .

Why the name Groovy Videos?

In a nutshell, groovy is one of those words we've always loved. You can't say the word groovy without smiling. (Come on, we dare you, say it out loud without grinning just a bit. Betcha can't!!)

So, when thinking up a domain for this site, we thought it might be neat to use our favorite, pseudo-campy word. We researched the origin of the word and were pleasantly surprised to learn that although popular in the 1960s and 70s, "groovy" dates back to the jazz musicians of the 1920s and 30s.

When jazz musicians felt connected to their music they were said to be "in the groove" or "grooving." Some word experts say "groovy" originates from how the needle finds the groove in a phonograph record to produce a flawless, smooth sound. 

So, the history of this word includes losing yourself in the joy of the creative process and feeling a deep connection to your work. It's definitely a sentiment we can relate to as entrepreneurs.

Also as entrepreneurs, we're constantly looking for different ways to share the news of our innovations and talents with our clients, proving to them they can trust us to deliver products and services that will meet (and hopefully exceed) their expectations. A well-crafted, personalized video can deliver just that message.

And what could be more groovy than that?