Our Groovy Videos Mission Statement

"Our mission is to build an easy-to-use, informative resource for business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to use the power of video to market their products and services. We show you how to create videos for your website, build a YouTube channel and use video in imaginative ways to increase customer loyalty and generate income."

When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

Hi all, my name is Elizabeth Blessing and I'm the happy founder of GroovyVideos.com! Happy because I've found a topic I really love exploring, writing about and sharing with my audience.

I have to say, though, my path leading me to this point has been a bit rocky. Let me explain .  . .

Five years ago I decided to take time off from work to help care for my Dad after his first stroke and to help my Mom recover from a bout of pneumonia. At the time, I thought my work sabbatical would last a few months -- perhaps six at the most -- while I helped my parents recover from their illnesses and get back on their feet.

I put aside my work as a freelance writer to dive headlong into my 76-year-old father's world of doctors' appointments, physical therapy, more strokes, a 10-month nursing home stay, and eventually, end-of-life care. It was, as you can imagine, a long five years.

Caregiving has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started caregiving for my family when I was 6-years-old by helping my parents care for my autistic older brother, Bobby. So, it just seemed natural that when my parents needed help I would be there for the both of them.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons ...

It was during a nursing home visit with Dad in 2010 that the spark of an idea occurred to me that would eventually morph into the website, GroovyVideos.com.

Dad was a no-nonsense, laconic man, not much given to conversation. After his strokes, his impaired speech made talking even more difficult. The one topic, however, that he always made a special effort to talk about was his love of movies. 

Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda – he loved all the great actors and their classic films. He would urge me to watch his favorites, pushing a prized DVD into my hand with the encouragement: “Watch this! You’ll learn something!”

What I think he meant was that I would learn something about him, something he yearned to share with me that he simply couldn't express in words. His movie selections seemed to reflect some aspect of his personality. With each movie he shared with me, my enigmatic father became slightly less of an enigma.

Paul Newman, hard-boiled eggs and a "failure to communicate"

Dad's favorite movie was Cool Hand Luke, a 1967 Paul Newman gem about a loner in a Florida chain gang prison who refuses to conform to authority. This movie is worth seeing just for the memorable scene where on a bet Paul Newman eats 50 hard-boiled eggs.

Dad's favorite line in the movie was, “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” After he lost his vision, Dad would ask me to retell the movie's story line while he rested in bed at the nursing home. The "failure to communicate" line always brought a knowing smile to his face, the irony of which was not lost on him as his own ability to communicate lessened with each stroke.

My retelling the stories of Dad's favorite movies became a welcomed ritual between us. Many an afternoon, ensconced in a quiet corner at the nursing home, I would regale him with his old favorites and new -- Forrest Gump, Young Frankenstein, Amadeus and Casablanca

Creating Groovy Videos

Fast forward almost two years after Dad's death and I'm still thinking about the power video has to connect people with one another. Recorded pictures and sound bring a special meaning to our lives, especially when words fail us and emotions are hard to express. Dad felt this and I know most of us feel the same way when we watch a video that unites us with the world we live in and to the people who are important to us. 

It's this desire to connect that has spurred me to explore video making, create my own videos and share with you on this site what I've learned.

With the new technology and affordable equipment available these days, I've discovered you don't have to be a Spielberg or a Scorsese to make good video. We can all create videos that connect us with our customers and showcase our products and services in ways that educate and build goodwill.

At GroovyVideos.com, we want to make sure that your business isn't plagued by "a failure to communicate." Read more about what this site offers and join us as we dive into the tips and techniques that will help you on your way to creating great videos for your business.

And, as always, thanks for watching!

Dad and me on his 81st birthday.

From the Groovy Videos Tech Department

Hi, my name is Marc Linn and I work with Elizabeth to document our video and audio tips. Let me tell you a little about myself . . . 

I have been a “curious techie” ever since I was a child. 

It’s a wonder I survived my childhood: one of my many efforts (I was about 6 at the time) to understand the world around me involved removing the plate from a light switch to find out more about this thing called electricity. After my parents got the power back on, their anger at me was diminished somewhat by the fact that I hadn’t electrocuted myself.

But another aspect of my personality emerged fairly early on as I began to realize I was very much a “people person.” A troubled family left me with a deficit in terms of personal connections, so I developed an interest in what others were doing, why they were doing it, and how they felt about it all.

This curiosity about people serves me well to this day: I tend to make friends wherever I go, just by being interested in other people beyond the surface of whatever our interaction may be. More often than not, people I deal with seem to appreciate being seen as individuals rather than just another “cog in the machine.” 

My “curious techie” self has (fortunately) evolved from poking metal objects into switch plates to programming, database administration, podcasting, website design and audio work.  Additionally, I also document camera and audio tips on GroovyVideos.com. 

So, stay tuned as I try out new gadgets, search for cost-effective and efficient techniques to produce great videos . . . and satisfy my "geek" curiosity all while avoiding electrocution!

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