YouTube Audio Library: Free Music from YouTube to YOU!

by Elizabeth Blessing

The YouTube Audio Library has hundreds of FREE music tracks for you to use in your videos. These tracks are royalty-free, which means you can use them as background music in your videos without having to pay royalty or licensing fees. You can also freely use the tracks in any video you create, even those you don't post to YouTube.

This feature is the latest tool YouTube has added to its Creation Tools tab. To access the YouTube Audio Library:

1. Sign into your YouTube account.

2. Go to the Video Manager.

3. In the left-hand side bar, select Creation Tools. Then select Audio Library.

YouTube Audio Library Features

From here you can browse for music from the following genres: Alternative and Punk, Ambient, Classical, Country and Folk, Dance and Electronic, Hip Hop and Rap, Jazz and Blues, Pop, R&B and Soul, Reggae, and Rock.

If you're looking for a specific mood of music, you can search from the following options: angry, bright, calm, dark, dramatic, funky, happy, inspirational, romantic, or sad.

Maybe you're more interested in searching for a specific instrument? The Audio Library has you covered here, too. You can find tracks with these instruments: acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, organ, piano, strings, synth, and trumpet.

Lastly, you can browse for music tracks by duration, anywhere from 1 minute to about 23 minutes. You can mark tracks as "favorites" to find them again easily. The "Popularity" bar shows you which music tracks are popular with users.

Once you've found the track you want, choose the "Download Track" button next to the song title and save the MP3 file to your computer. 

Tips for Using the YouTube Audio Library

If you're serious about your YouTube marketing efforts and you want to get more views and subscribers to your channel, then adding a good music track to your videos is important. The right background music helps engage viewers and enhances the quality of your video. 

Some video creators have made the mistake of including copyrighted music in their videos without legal permission, only to have YouTube take down these videos after the copyright owner makes a claim.

That's why the Audio Library is a brilliant tool to encourage video creators to include music in their videos. It's a free, convenient and legal way to enhance your videos.

Here are some tips to make the most of YouTube's free music:

  • Edit the track using audio editing software. Our favorite, free audio editing software is Audacity. Use it to shorten the track, add fade-ins and fade-outs, change the volume or try out some special effects.

    For more tips, see our article "How Good Audio Editing Adds the Finishing Touch to Your Video."

  • Adjust the volume as needed: If the track you select is background for narration or dialogue, make sure it doesn't overwhelm your primary track. Use your audio editing software to adjust the volume before you upload your video to YouTube.
  • Didn't find what you were looking for in the Audio Library? Consider Creative Commons music: Another free option is to use music that musicians have released under a Creative Commons' license. You'll need to abide by the license agreement outlined by the musician and give the musician credit in your video. For more info, see Legal Music for Videos.

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