Audio Tips To Make Videos Sound Great!

Our audio tips are designed to show you easy, inexpensive ways to improve the sound of your videos. While we definitely believe in the maxim "a picture is worth a thousand words," we also believe that videos shouldn't rely on great shots alone to  convey a message. 

Good audio enhances the quality of your audience's video-watching experience. To make our point, imagine going back to the silent movie days of the early 1900s when there was no synchronized recorded sound.

Before There Was Audio . . . 

Since there was no spoken dialogue in silent films, actors frequently used gestures, mime and exaggerated facial expressions to convey the emotional context of their scenes. This wasn't enough, however, to give the audience the information they needed to understand the action on the screen. 

Sound was considered so important to the moving-going experience that movie house owners would hire piano players to play live in the theater. Larger, city theaters had orchestras or huge theater organs to provide special sound effects that would correspond to the events on the screen and would give the audience the needed emotional cues. 

Simply put, without access to good, synchronized sound, filmmakers resorted to a whole lot of extra work to find substitutes to create the illusion of sounds that enhanced the action on the screen and propelled their film's story line.

But Now Everyone Has Access to Good Audio -- Including FREE Software and Music!

For about the last 90 years studios have been employing synchronized audio with their films much to the delight of their audiences. Filmgoers have come to expect good audio with their movies. This expectation translates to other forms of video watching as well, including YouTube® videos and the videos people create for their websites.

While it used to be that only the big studios had the money for quality audio equipment, this isn't true today. Consumers have access to off-the-shelf video and audio equipment at various price ranges suitable for almost any budget.

If your budget is really tight, you'll be happy to hear about FREE audio editing software and music that you can start using right away!

Our tips concentrate on helping newcomers to the field select and use microphones, recording equipment, mixers and audio accessories to help them make great videos. We also discuss what you can do during your post-production editing to enhance your audio quality, including adding sound effects and music tracks. Our focus is budget-friendly, simple advice that you can use on your next video project.

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Built-In Microphone Versus Lavalier Microphone: Which is Better for Your Video Project?

This video and article offer tips on using a lavalier microphone with your camcorder. In the video, we compare the sound quality of our camcorder's built-in microphone with that of our inexpensive lavalier microphone which we purchased new for a mere $7.50 on EBay.

Our point is that you don't have to break the bank to get improved audio on your videos. Something as simple as a wired, lavalier microphone can make a big difference to the sound quality of your next video!

Read this entire built-in microphone versus lavalier microphone article . . . 

Interested in Building a Profitable YouTube Channel? Is Making Money From Your Videos Your Next Business Opportunity?

If you've been working on improving the sound quality of your videos, you might be interested in posting your work on YouTube, getting some feedback on your videos and earning money through the YouTube Partner Program.

Some people are earning a good living from their YouTube videos. It may not be for everyone, but if you're dedicated and creative, it could be your best career move ever!

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