Camera Tips to Make Videos For Your Website or YouTube® Channel

At Groovy Videos, our camera tips are designed to help you improve the quality of your videos. Our goal is to help you make videos that keep your audience glued to their screens, happily spending more time on your website and/or YouTube channel. 

We know that camera equipment and video production can seem pricey and overwhelmingly technical at first. If you're just starting out, you'll enjoy our easy-to-understand, budget-friendly tips. 

We believe just about every website could benefit from a few (or maybe many!) short videos that highlight the site's products or services in an engaging, fun and informative manner. You don't need to be a film expert or have a big budget to add simple videos to your website that help you build those all-important client relationships.  

At Groovy Video, we love to make videos, so you'll see plenty of them on our site as we demonstrate our video tips. In fact, you can get started viewing now by selecting any of the camera tips below or by scrolling down to see them all.

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Free Teleprompter: How to Use Your Laptop as a Teleprompter  

Using a UV Filter to Protect Your Video Camera Lens

How to Use a Tripod and Tripod Quick Release

Free Teleprompter: How to Use Your Laptop as a Teleprompter

You may have access to a free teleprompter (or fairly low-cost one) and not even know it! This tip shows you how to use your laptop, wireless mouse and word processing software to create a teleprompter system similar to the expensive ones the professional studios use. If you've ever wanted to create a scripted video, this tip is for you! 

This is one of our favorite camera tips, because it's easy to implement and low cost since most people have access to laptops these days. It's also great if you're camera shy and want to boost your confidence by reading a prepared script.

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Using a UV Filter to Protect Your Video Camera Lens

Worried your new video camera lens (the one you spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on) might get scratched or damaged, making it unusable? 

Well, you're not the only one with this concern. Read our article and view our video where we discuss the pros and cons of using a UV filter to protect your camera lens. We show you how to safely install a UV filter, demonstrating on our own JVC GC-PX100 camcorder.

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How to Use a Tripod and Tripod Quick Release

As far as camera tips go, this one is tried and true. Filmmakers have depended upon tripods for a long time to give their videos that polished, professional look.

Learning to use a tripod and a handy gadget called a tripod quick release is a simple step in improving the quality of your videos. 

In this tip, we'll show you how to use a tripod to support the weight of your camera and provide stabilization while you're filming. We'll show you how to use a tripod to achieve smooth panning (horizontal movement) and tilting (vertical movement).

We'll also demonstrate the advantages of a tripod quick release and show you how using one can speed up your video production and save wear and tear on your valuable camera.

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Some people use YouTube as a way of promoting their products and services to the growing YouTube audience.

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