How to Create a YouTube Account

If you're wondering how difficult it is to create a YouTube account, you'll be happy to know that YouTube has made it relatively simple for you to set up an account, create and customize your channel and start posting your videos. 

However, there is a big difference in the ease of setting up an account versus getting people to view your videos and subscribe to your channel. The latter can feel more like climbing a mountain -- from the bottom the view looks a long way off and the terrain can seem pretty daunting! The articles in this section focus on the basics of how to create a YouTube account and channel, emphasizing some do's and don'ts you should follow along the way.

YouTube Accounts and Channels

First, let's define a YouTube account and a channel. Anyone who wants to watch videos on YouTube without registering for an account can do so simply by going to YouTube and searching for and viewing the types of videos that interest them. As an unregistered user, you can also watch YouTube videos that have been embedded on websites or shared on social media.

However, if you want a more interactive experience, you'll need to create a YouTube account. This will allow you to like videos (with a thumbs up), dislike videos (with a thumbs down) and subscribe to channels. 

Once you create a YouTube account, you'll automatically have your own channel. You can then set up your YouTube username (which you'll need in order to comment on videos) and you can customize your channel. Think of your channel as a personalized home page that you can adapt to reflect your personality or brand, keep track of your subscriptions and playlists, upload your videos and perhaps even monetize those videos by becoming a YouTube Partner.

All this good stuff starts when you create a YouTube account, so let's get to that now . . . 

Tips to Create a YouTube Account

Because Google owns YouTube, all paths to creating a YouTube account pretty much lead through Google. There are 2 ways to create a YouTube account:

  • With existing Google account credentials. If you already have a Google account (Gmail or Google+, for example), you're in luck! From YouTube, simply select the Sign In button. You'll be taken to a screen that asks for the email address you use for your Google account and your password.

    The email address field might already have your email in the field. If you have more than one Google account, be sure the email address is the one you want to associate with your YouTube account. Type in your password and select Sign In. Voilà! You now have a YouTube account.
  • Create an account directly from YouTube. If you don't already have a Google account, you can create one directly from YouTube and activate your YouTube account at the same time you register for a Google account.

    From YouTube, choose the Sign In button. On the Sign In page, select the "Create An Account" button. You'll be taken to a Google Accounts sign up page. It's free, easy to sign up and gives you access to a lot of other Google products in addition to YouTube.

    The account form asks you to provide your name, birthday, gender, mobile number and current email address. You'll be asked to prove you're not a robot by typing in a few words and to confirm you agree to Google's terms of service.  You'll also be asked to select a password and a Google username. Google will let you know if your preferred username is already in use. If your choice is already taken, Google will suggest an alternative.  

    Once you submit the Google Accounts form, you'll be asked to verify your account with a verification code. You can give Google your cell phone number and choose to have the code sent to you via text message or voice message. Google should send you the verification code within 15 minutes, so keep your browser open and have your phone close by. Enter the code Google sends you into the field on your screen.

    You now have a Google account and YouTube account.  A screen appears showing you how to set up your Google profile and with an option taking you directly to your new YouTube account. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that your Google username may not necessarily be the same as your YouTube username. Once you have a YouTube account, you'll be given an opportunity to select a YouTube username. If you enter in your Google username and it's already taken in YouTube, you'll be prompted to select a different username for your YouTube account. 

Be cautious with the username you select -- YouTube won't allow you to change your username if you decide you'd like a different one. Since your YouTube username appears on your comments, channel and video uploads, make sure it's a name you like because you're stuck with it. You could start a whole new account later with a different username. However, that would require some extra work if you already have an established channel with a lot of videos uploaded and a subscriber base. Give some thought now to what you'd like your username to be and save yourself this hassle later on.

I've Created My YouTube Account -- What's Next?

Now that you're a proud owner of a YouTube account, you'll be able to like (or dislike videos) and subscribe to channels that interest you. By subscribing to channels, you'll be informed whenever the channel owner uploads a new video.

Now that you've read how to create a YouTube account, you're ready to learn how to create a YouTube channel. You'll also want to check out our Groovy Videos Home page and blog for the latest articles.

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