YouTube Channel Art: Tips to Create Your Perfect Art for Your YouTube One Channel

Your YouTube channel art is a photo that appears at the top of your channel page. This is your opportunity to customize the look and feel of your channel and is the first thing your viewers will see when landing on your page. For this reason, it makes sense to design something that you feel is attractive and reflects your brand well.

Here's the latest Groovy Videos' channel art as it appears on a laptop:

One of the features of the YouTube One Channel design is that this image will automatically resize to fit whatever device your viewer is using. 

YouTube will crop the photo for TV, laptop, tablet or smart phone viewing. This means the portion of the photo that appears on these different devices will vary depending on the device.

You'll want to make sure the photo looks great regardless of where it's cropped. The easiest way to do this is to use a channel art template.

Using a FREE Template to Create the Right Placement for Your Channel Banner

YouTube provides template specifications showing you where to place your photo for best visibility across all platforms. This includes a diagram showing where the text and logo safe areas are so that your photo will crop correctly.

For more info on downloading the template, see step 4 below of "Instructions for Uploading Your YouTube Channel Art."

There are several other free templates online that go beyond what YouTube provides. These templates can actually be downloaded into programs like Photoshop or Pixlr.

They allow you to fine tune the placement of your art on your channel banner. You can also add some snazzy touches with these templates, such as text and graphic design elements.

My favorite FREE template (which comes with complete, user-friendly instructions) is by web and marketing consultant, Derral Eves. This template utilizes Pixlr, the free online photo editing program, and allows you to customize your YouTube channel art with style.

Instructions for Uploading Your YouTube Channel Art

Once you've created your channel art, it's a pretty simple matter to upload it to your channel:

  1. Log into your YouTube account.

  2. Hover your cursor over the upper right corner of the channel art area until you see the edit pencil.

  3. Click on the edit pencil and then click on "Edit channel art."

  4. Select one of your previously uploaded photos or a photo from your computer. Or, you can browse the photo gallery and select a photo provided by YouTube. The maximum file size is 2 MB and the recommended art size is 2560 x 1440 px.

    From this screen, you can also go to the latest template specifications and download the template provided by YouTube by selecting "How to create channel art."

  5. Once the photo is uploaded, YouTube will show you how the photo will appear across all devices. Click "Adjust the crop" and you'll be able to move the photo within the crop lines to achieve the look you want.

OK, I've Customized My Artwork -- What's Next?

Next you'll want to work on your channel icon, add some website links, create a video trailer and customize your channel sections.

Be sure you have all the info you need to create great videos! Here are some video tips sure to help!

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