YouTube Channel Description: Free Publicity for Your Channel!

With a well-written YouTube channel description, you'll make it easier for people to find and subscribe to your YouTube® channel.

Think of your description (which appears in your channel's "About tab") as your "elevator pitch" where you promote your channel to potential subscribers. You'll want to write a description that is informative, concise, shows off your personal style and entices viewers to become subscribers.

You also want to write a description that is "search engine friendly." You'll need to include the keywords that accurately describe your channel so that people searching for your content can easily find you. 

Lastly, when crafting your description, you'll want to take advantage of the options YouTube provides to help you connect your channel with your other social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Want more specifics? Well, then let's get started . . . 

Tips for Writing a Great YouTube Channel Description

First, log into your account and navigate to your channel home page. Select the About tab (located beneath your channel banner).

You'll see a blank space where you can write your channel description. In the upper right corner, you'll see the pencil icon which you'll need to select to write and make edits.

Here's what the channel description box looks like for Groovy Videos:

Here are some easy-to-implement tips for writing your channel description:

  • Begin with keywords: Include your channel's topic or keywords near the beginning of the first sentence of your description. These first few words will appear in search engine results and in various places across YouTube, so start off with a concise summary of your channel's contents.

    For example, if your channel is about "dog training," then a good first sentence for your description would be: "Our dog training videos show you how to easily train your dog to sit, lie down and heel on command."

  • First impressions count: Don't jot off a few sentences with typos or skimp on providing important details. This is your opportunity to do a short and friendly sales pitch to encourage would-be subscribers. Revisit your description occasionally to ensure it accurately reflects your channel's evolving content.

  • Include your programming schedule: If you plan on uploading new videos on a specific day each week, mention this schedule in your description. If your videos cover different topics on different days, mention this as well.

  • Feature other channels: If you own multiple channels, you might want to feature them on your About tab and on the side bar that appears on the right side of your page. You could also use this Featured Channels option to help promote channels belonging to business partners or friends.

    If this applies to you, be sure to check out the Featured Channels edit box located beneath the channel description box in the About tab.

    Hover over the bottom portion of the channel description box until a pencil icon appears. Choose the icon and you'll see a dialog box entitled "Featured Channels Section Title." Here you can enter the URL of the channel you'd like to feature.

How to Add Website and Social Media Links to Your Channel

The About tab also allows you to add links from your channel page to your website and to your social media sites.

The list of social media sites YouTube allows you to connect with is pretty extensive. Here are some of them: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest and Instagram.

These links will appear on your About tab beneath your channel description and also overlaid on your YouTube channel art (the banner that appears at the top of your channel).

You can include up to 4 social links on your channel art. When a viewer selects one, they will go directly to your related social media page.

To get started, hover over the bottom right corner of the YouTube channel description box. A pencil edit icon will appear. Select the icon and you'll see the following Custom and Social links dialog box:

Enter your URLs and select Done to complete the task.

Other Ways to Customize Your Channel

Once you've written your YouTube channel description, you'll want to complete your channel branding by implementing some other channel customization features.

You'll want to become familiar with the YouTube One Channel design features, create an attractive YouTube channel icon and YouTube channel art.

And, for the icing on the cake, you might want to consider making an INCOME from your videos. Check out these articles for details: 

Be sure to check out all the above-mentioned articles and many others when you return from the YouTube Channel Description page to Groovy Videos: YouTube Channel Tips Home page.

And, as always, thanks for watching, reading, liking and subscribing!

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