YouTube One Channel: Design Tips to Build Your Audience!

YouTube One Channel is what the video sharing site has named their new channel design, which they rolled out in March 2013. "One Channel" refers to the fact that this new layout concentrates on ensuring that channels and their accompanying videos look good on the multitude of screen sizes and browsers people use these days. 

The new motto: "Dress up once, look good everywhere" is meant to communicate to creators and viewers the importance of one layout that accommodates multiple platforms -- everything from televisions to computers to tablets to smart phones.

The new focus is on creating a more satisfying viewer experience which (hopefully) translates into more subscribers for your channel, subscribers who will maintain their loyalty as you upload new videos and build your channel brand. 

Less important is the emphasis on one-hit-wonder viral videos. More important are channels with lots of quality videos and a solid, growing and loyal subscriber base. The thinking is these happy, targeted subscribers lead to happier advertisers who can reach an audience that is well-matched for their particular products and services.

And, of course, happy advertisers just might lead to a bigger payday for those channel creators who master the ins and outs of this new YouTube One Channel paradigm.

Tips to Customize Your Channel Using the YouTube One Channel Features

If you've already created your account and channel, keep reading for tips on how to customize your channel. If not, check out these articles, get started and then come back here when you're ready:

With the YouTube One Channel design, you'll access the following features created specifically to enhance your subscribers' viewing experience and showcase your videos: 

  • Channel Art: At the top of your channel page you have the opportunity to create channel art, a photo or artwork banner that ideally should reflect your channel's theme. This banner resizes to accommodate the browser or device being used. 

    For details on creating channel art with style and info on a great FREE template, check out YouTube Channel Art Tips. 
  • YouTube Channel Description and Social Media Links: YouTube encourages you to promote your channel and find an audience by writing a keyword-specific description for your channel.  

    You can also add up to four verified social media links directly onto your channel art. Many channel creators use this feature to direct visitors to their website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. 

    For details, see: YouTube Channel Description: Free Publicity for Your Channel!

  • Channel Trailer: Getting your viewers to become subscribers is the goal of the YouTube channel trailer feature. The trailer is your opportunity to provide a short explanation of what your channel is about and to entice non-subscribed viewers to subscribe. When a non-subscribed viewer lands on your channel, the trailer automatically plays. 

    For info on how to create a cool trailer, check out YouTube Channel Trailer: Your Promotional Video to Attract Subscribers.

  • Channel Guide: When someone subscribes to your channel, your channel gets added to their channel guide, which appears as a subscriptions list on the left side of their channel page. Having your channel link directly on your subscribers' channel page not only reminds them of your channel's existence but it also makes it easier for them to navigate to your channel to check out your latest content. 

  • Channel Sections: This feature gives channel creators more control over how they organize and display their content. You can organize your videos in horizontal or vertical rows and create categories for each type of content. You can develop playlists around a specific theme and give each playlist a name that guides your viewers to the kind of content they can find in that playlist. Again, the focus is to enhance your viewers' experience, getting them to the content they want right away and increasing the time they spend on your channel.
  • Channel Tabs: These tabs appear directly below your channel name: Home, Videos, Discussion and About. Viewers can select these tabs to see all of your content (Videos tab), make comments on your channel (Discussion tab), read more about what your channel offers and where to find your channel's other online sites (About tab) and return back to your channel's main page (Home). 

Interested in Earning Money From Your Channel?

OK, enough about the YouTube One Channel design! If you're interested in "monetizing" your channel, then we have the article for you:

You'll need more than just a camera and a few cool ideas to build a channel that gets subscribers. You'll need info on how use your camera and select the right equipment, how to record good audio, how to plan your videos and how to become a master at digital storytelling.

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